Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat or a full day of pampering, our menu of services will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and renewed


Therapeutic massage using essential oils chosen according to individual specific needs to promote relaxation, relieve stress and tension

60 mins - IDR 395,000 ,
90 mins - IDR 475,000

In this authentic massage style influenced by ageless tradition, therapist uses an Indonesian floral oil together with palm pressure and stretching techniques to relieve tension and improve blood flow and in turn create waves of muscle relief.

60 mins - IDR 351 ,000,
90 mins - IDR 410,000

This balancing treatment relieves tired muscles and restores balance; utilizing warm basalt rocks to deeply penetrate. Begins with purifying body oil followed by slow flowing strokes with various sized stones.

90 mins - IDR 550,000

Therapeutic foot massage to stimulate energy zone sand pressure point son the feet ; encouraging the body to naturally restore and maintain its own halthy balance.

60 mins - IDR 351,000,
90 mins IDR 410.000

The Ultimate relaxation treatment; combining deep vigorous massage with hot towels to release muscle tension. Excellent for jet lag or from a late night out to restore vitality

60 mins - IDR 425,000,
90 mins - IDR 550,000

Therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue

60 mins - IDR 495,000

Head & Scalp, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Lower Back, Feet, Hand Massage, BodyScrub, BodyMask Everyday is different. Every body is unique. Seeking moreattention on your back & neck area? Only desire a mind – soothing head & neck massage? This personalized massage is tailored to those who would like to have therapists focus on specific areas of their body

45 mins - IDR 350,000


Desensitize for visible improvement! The organic energy harmoniously blends with other key agents to diffuse your skin’s redness and sooth irritation for a smooth appearance.

60 mins - IDR 475,000

Instantly restores and repairs moisture loss to deeply hydrate, soothe, and protect your skin. Recommended for those with sensitive, dehydrated or sun exposed skin.

45 mins - IDR 350 ,000


This treatment is including with cutting shaping nail and clean cuticle Last touch with choices of Gel Polish Color.

The best known benefit of waxing is that the hair doesn’t grow back very quickly. Waxing removes the hairs from the root. With shaving, the hairs are cut off close to skin level.


Begins with a Stress Release Massage to start lose your tired muscle. Salt and oil scrub will help to cleanse your body. A Facial is delivered with a generous neck and shoulder massage – all of which will leave you looking well – groomed and most significantly, Feeling great.
Foot Ritual – Deep Tissue Massage – Salt & Oil Scrub– Facial.

150 mins - IDR 950,000

Bring your body to life with a century recipe of herbs and spices. Relax into an indigenous massage with essential oils before refreshing with an express men facial.
Foot Ritual – Traditional Balinese Massage– Express Men Facial

90 mins - IDR 750 ,000

Start Your day with a soothing total body and foot massage series. Let ancient techniques restore your body’s energy flow and unwind your tired mind
Foot Ritual – Traditional Balinese Massage– Balinese Salt Scrub

90 mins - IDR 450 ,000


Created from locally grown ingredients, your treatment begins with adivine Balinese Lulur body polish ancient beauty wedding ritual where your skin is coated with a blend of turmeric, spices and powders followed Milk bath to cleanse and refresh your body. A deeply relaxing Balinese Massage & end the session with facial.

Foot Ritual – balinese Lulur Body Polish – Balinese Massage – Facial.

180 mins - IDR 1,550,000/Couple
IDR 950,000/Single

Our new Detox Cleanse Package invites you to indulge in a guilt-free holiday experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your day. Your 150 minutes spa escape begins with a salt and oil cleansing followed with stress release massage.

Foot Ritual– Salt & Oil Body Scrub – Deep Tissue Massage.

120 mins - IDR 1,450,000/Couple, IDR 799.000/ Single

Cool & replenish your face and body with this gentle wrap of skin-quenching aloe Vera. A soothing treatment for sun burnt and dehydrated skin. Your healing journey concludes with a sun-kissed facial gently delivered with a calming neck, shoulder & scalp massage

IDR 575,000


Maintain core strength, muscle tone and good energy levels whilst on vacation. These private sessions are appropriate for all levels – from novice to the experienced practitioner. Breathe fully and reap the therapeutic benefits in sublime surrounds. Please consult to our admin for more details.

60 mins - IDR 450,000/single
IDR 600,000/Couple

Keeps children’s living and play areas tidy. Helps with homework and tutoring as needed. Cares for infants, including feeding, diapering, and dressing. Meets the physical, social, and emotional needs of children in their care.

price is for 3 hours





We Provide Home Service SPA, Babysitting Service and Wellness Session

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